Microsoft Excel Mastery Course: From Beginner to Advanced

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Welcome to “Microsoft Excel Mastery: From Beginner to Advanced,” an enriching Nexon course, in collaboration with OfficeNewB, tailored for students and professionals in India. Whether you’re starting from scratch or looking to enhance your Excel skills, this course is your comprehensive guide to mastering Microsoft Excel, the indispensable tool for data management, analysis, and productivity.


Course Description:

In this transformative course, you’ll embark on a journey from Excel novice to Excel expert. Here’s an overview of what you’ll cover:

  1. Excel Essentials: Start with the basics, exploring the Excel interface, workbook creation, and navigating worksheets effortlessly.
  2. Data Entry and Formatting: Learn to enter and format data effectively, including text, numbers, and dates, ensuring clarity and readability in your spreadsheets.
  3. Formulas and Functions: Unlock the power of Excel by diving into formulas and functions, allowing you to perform calculations, analyze data, and automate tasks.
  4. Data Analysis: Discover essential data analysis tools, including sorting, filtering, and pivot tables, to make sense of large datasets and draw valuable insights.
  5. Data Visualization: Learn how to create compelling charts and graphs to communicate your data effectively, making your presentations more impactful.
  6. Advanced Functions: Delve into more advanced Excel functions, such as VLOOKUP, HLOOKUP, and IF statements, to handle complex tasks with ease.
  7. Data Validation and Protection: Ensure data accuracy through validation and protect sensitive information with Excel’s security features.
  8. Advanced Techniques: Explore advanced techniques like conditional formatting, data consolidation, and goal seeking to take your Excel skills to the next level.
  9. Automation with Macros: Learn how to automate repetitive tasks by recording and using Excel macros, boosting your efficiency.
  10. Tips and Tricks: Discover expert tips and shortcuts that will save you time and effort while working with Excel.

By the end of this course, you’ll have transformed into an Excel powerhouse, capable of efficiently handling data, creating insightful reports, and automating tasks to improve your productivity. Whether you’re a student preparing for academic projects, a professional enhancing your career prospects, or anyone seeking to master Excel, this course provides the skills and knowledge you need.

Join us on this empowering journey to Excel mastery, and unlock the full potential of this versatile tool. Start mastering Microsoft Excel today!

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Course Content

Microsoft Excel 101 Course Introduction

  • Welcome to the Ultimate Microsoft Excel Course
  • Introduction to the Course Topics
  • Course Exercise Files – Course 101

Microsoft Excel Fundamentals

Entering and Editing Text and Formulas

Working with Basic Excel Functions

Modifying an Excel Worksheet

Formatting Data in an Excel Worksheet

Inserting Images and Shapes into an Excel Worksheet

Creating Basic Charts in Excel

Printing an Excel Worksheet

Working with Excel Templates

Congratulations! You’ve Built a Solid Microsoft Excel Foundation

Microsoft Excel 102 Course Introduction

Working with an Excel List

Excel List Functions

Excel Data Validation

Importing and Exporting Data

Excel PivotTables

Working with Excel’s PowerPivot Tools

Working with Large Sets of Excel Data

Congratulations! You’re an Intermediate Excel User

Microsoft Excel 103 Course Introduction

Working with Excel’s Conditional Functions

Working with Excel’s Lookup Functions

Working with Excel’s Text Based Functions

Auditing an Excel Worksheet

Protecting Excel Worksheets and Workbooks

Mastering Excel’s ‘What If’ Tools

Automating Repetitive Tasks in Excel with Macros


Microsoft Excel Macros and VBA Course Introduction

Project #1 – Using Excel’s Macro Recorder Tool

Excel VBA Concepts

Project #2 – Moving Beyond the Basics and into VBA

Project #3 – Preparing and Cleaning Up Data with a Little VBA

Project #4 – Using VBA to Automate Excel Formulas

Project #5 – Bringing it All Together and a Weekly Report

Project #6 – Working with Excel VBA User Forms

Course Wrap Up